We aim to increase the usability, comfort, safety and efficiency of your new home.

Today’s ever-changing technology offers new and innovative ways to approach your living needs. To take advantage of these new technologies, you want a partner who can select the best products to meet your individual needs and complement the aesthetics of your new home.

We are committed to developing, building, and maintaining integrated control solutions that meet your goals and budget from concept to installation.


Meeting your needs

To ensure we have understood your needs we provide a documented job consultation, design and full costing upfront. We aim to create long-term relationships by always keeping to our commitments and providing open and transparent communication.


The safety of your new home and our team is paramount. We have a detailed, fully compliant Workplace Health and Safety Management System in place which is reviewed regularly. In conjunction with our clients, we develop individual site safety plans to comply with all job-specific safety and legal requirements.


Every job has a clear quality control process including thorough testing and a commitment to great workmanship. We have a digital platform for our Quality Management System to ensure it is streamlined, accessible and managed in real time.

Efficient Project Management

We streamline our workflows, automate and schedule resources, digitise all forms and communications to ensure your project is delivered on time and in budget to provide an enhanced customer experience.


Pre-Installation Planning

We will meet with you to understand your project goals and then design a solution that meets your needs. This may include an audit as we believe in investing time upfront as complete and accurate information is critical for making sound recommendations and determining the optimal solution for you.



We provide the on-site technical and management expertise required to install projects efficiently, on time and budget.
We fully oversee the manufacturing of any cabinets, which allows us to tailor the cabinet to suit the available space in your premises.
We provide all software administration and system programming services needed to get the system up and running.
Before handing off our systems to the customer, we will perform all system performance testing and acceptance procedures according to the system specifications.

Post Installation Service

At Systems Intelligence, we understand that proper training and awareness are vital components to any system. Our leading services include documentation
and onsite training. We can offer:

  • Phone/Email Technical Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Issue Tracking
  • Scheduled On-Site Inspection

Managing Director
Garry Lowe

Systems Intelligence is a privately owned proprietary limited company established in 2014 by Garry Lowe. 

Garry has over 25 years of experience across residential, commercial and industrial sectors, including design, installation, manufacturing and commissioning of Home, Building and Industrial Control SystemsHe is an A-Grade and Master Electrician and a qualified Project Manager.

Garry has a passion for technology and design, ensuring that Systems Intelligence utilises innovative and robust control systems and elegantly designed interfaces and switches. He is a perfectionist by nature and so ensures that every installation is thoroughly quality checked.

He is passionate about understanding customers’ needs to ensure we deliver solutions that exceed expectations.