With elegant, intuitive home automation solutions from Systems Intelligence, you can have all areas of your home effortlessly under control

Whole Home Control

A true smart home is one that makes all devices and systems work in complete harmony the way you want them to.

One simple experience from multiple devices – on the wall, on the counter, on the couch or even from your mobile remotely. Your home becomes more secure, comfortable and convenient to use.

Home Networking

Your home network is one of the most important features of your home, even though you may not always be aware of it as it works behind the scenes. Robust home network solutions are crucial in your smart home systems’ success.

With so much technology interconnected nowadays, it is imperative that all of your devices communicate seamlessly with one another.

A wired system offers reliable interconnectivity throughout the entire home and usually are more secure.The result is a robust and secure high-speed network that you and your family can rely on and will adapt to your future needs. 

Lighting Control​

Lighting control enhances the enjoyment and value of your home and contributes to savings on your energy bill. Control your home’s lighting by schedule, motion detection, sunset, alarm activation, and more. 

You can coordinate the right lighting and atmosphere to suit your needs at any time. Avoid having to switch on and dim different lights by having predefined ‘lighting scenes’ already programmed. With one push of a button, you can set the mood of the room , turn every light in a room or whole house on or off.  

Say goodbye to those unsightly clusters of wall switches and dimmers all over your home. You can replace it all with one sleek in-wall touch screen or elegant designer switches.

Temperature/Climate Control

Warm your house on your way home. Cool each room individually or every room simultaneously.  Pre-program your home to change with the seasons or simply the time of day. And do it all by touch or voice command

The rule of thumb is impressive – one degree less means about 6% energy savings. Great potential when you think about the heating and cooling requirements at different times of the day.

Each room can have its own temperature controller. From there, you can accurately set the desired temperature for different times of the day. You can automate the temperature to reduce by one or two degrees when you leave home. And you can also control all these functions centrally from the touchscreen and on an app.

Blind, Window & Shutter Control

Blinds and shutters help us sleep well at night or during the day, protect us from sunlight during the summer heat, and provide privacy.

Blinds, windows and shutters controlled by intelligent technologies can be raised and retracted based on time of day, room temperature, light sensor readings, occupancy or weather (intense sun and external blinds respond to a gale, storm, rain etc.). 

Why wake to a beeping alarm when your shades can rise slowly to let in the sun gradually?

Home Theatre, Audio And Video

Enjoy a simplified viewing experience at the touch of a button. Dim the lights, close the shades, set the temperature and select your movie from your favourite streaming service. The functionality of the home theatre experience is limitless.

With one-touch control and automation of audio, video, and lighting systems, you can eliminate the clutter and confusion of multiple remotes, so more time can be spent enjoying the home cinema experience.

Imagine a sound system tuned for the most critical listener.  Music, podcasts, and news whenever you want it are simply a command away on whatever platform you prefer.

We work with all major video and sound brands to bring your experience to life and seamlessly bring everything together into one smart system.

Multiroom Sound

Multiroom sound lets you personalise the music within each space of your home for each family member and occasion.

Music is intrinsic in our daily lives and can make entertaining genuinely effortless.

Have access to all your favourite streaming services to truly customise your home experience.



Home Conferencing

Working, Learning and socializing from home.

Turn any TV into a Classroom, conference room or chat room. Home conferencing from Crestron ensures a seamless virtual connection every time.

Whether a stand-alone solution or a custom design, you can connect to any application and operating system. With more and more people looking to take advantage of less travel time to the office and stay safe, this is the perfect solution

Security Alarm/Intrusion Detection

Give yourself peace of mind with automatic alerts for any unauthorized access to your property. 

A complete system can consist of door sensors, movement detectors, electric locks, break glass detectors, sirens. Integration with your home automation system can trigger lighting scenes to ensure that key areas are well lit in alarm situations.

CCTV Camera Systems

With the wellbeing of your family being a top priority, installing a CCTV surveillance system can be an excellent deterrent for strangers and can deter a burglary before it takes place.

Harness the power of your technology with digital cameras placed strategically outside or inside your home. 

Watch in real-time, playback video and view full-screen surveillance at your convenience using your touchscreens, tablet and smartphone. Technology advancements in night visibility, audio and digital video recording have made it easier than ever to be alerted to activity and collect evidence.

Intercom & Access Control System

From a safety perspective, every family member will welcome the option of being able to see who is ringing the doorbell. An intercom system will let you know who is there immediately. If you are out, the visitor can leave a message, and the camera will take an image.

Access control makes it easy to allow visitors to access a gate or doorway. Homeowners can even have keyless entry with mobile access technology.

Outdoor Living

Hidden audio and video can be an extension of your indoor systems. Outdoor speakers that blend into the garden surrounds. Garden lighting can set the mood for late night entertaining or just quiet time for reflection.

There’s no need to put that cool drink down to roll back the pool cover, adjust the water temperature, or turn off the filtration system. Instead, you can let your home automation system do all the work.

Home Wellness

Home Wellness Intelligence brings together science-backed products, strategies and technologies to create an experience of advanced well-being.

Through air, water, light, comfort and sound solutions, DARWIN is designed to help enhance energy, sleep, and overall well-being, while also reducing indoor contaminants.

When incorporated into your smart home system, a wellness dashboard allows you to control the parameters of your home from any home automation interface and experience a healthier home.