Automation Solutions

By focusing on the core elements of home automation and seamlessly integrating your system, we achieve solutions that will genuinely make your home safer and more comfortable without the complexity.

Safety & security

Don’t compromise the safety and security of your home and family, a video outdoor intercom gives you full sight and communication with people at your front door day or night. It also allows you to remotely monitor and provide access to your home.

Harness the power of your technology with digital cameras placed strategically outside or inside your home. Play back video and view full screen surveillance at your convenience using your touchscreens, tablet and smart phone.

Home Networking

Your home network is one of the most important features of your home, even though you may not always be aware of it as it works behind the scenes.

Your network is the starting point for all your home’s technology. Its never been more important to support everything from your control systems to video meetings, media streaming, gaming etc.

We can ensure your TVs, computers, media, mobile devices, and more will all be seamlessly connected to a home network system that you can’t even see. The result is a robust and secure high-speed network that you and your family can rely on and will adapt to your future needs.

Smart Lighting

Lighting control enhances the enjoyment and value of your home and contributes to savings on your energy bill.
Control your home’s lighting by schedule, motion detection, sunset, alarm activation, and more. Just touch one button to turn every light in a room or whole house on or off.

From cooking to a TV night or a candle light dinner – situations at home vary. You can coordinate the right lighting and atmosphere to suit your needs at any time, all from one convenient location. Avoid having to switch on and dim different lights by having predefined ‘lighting scenes’ already programmed. With one push of a button you can set the mood of the room.

General Electrical

The electrical and lighting plan is an essential part of ensuring your new home functionality and comfort. Without doing this upfront it can be expensive and difficult to make changes after your have built.

We can work with you or your Electrician to consider things such as number and type of lights, switch and power point placement, outdoor needs, wifi networking and audio visual/entertainment electrical requirements.

Blind & Curtain Control

Blinds and curtains help us sleep well at night or during the day, protect from sunlight during the summer heat, and provide privacy.

In a smart home, we can also control them wirelessly, all or individually, through a Wi-Fi connection, a control unit and our smartphone or tablet. Blinds and shutters controlled by intelligent technologies can be raised and retracted at a particular hour of the day or for the weather (sharp sun and for external blinds respond to, gale, storm, rain etc).

Temperature control

The rule of thumb is impressive - one degree less means about 6% energy savings. Great potential when you think about the heating and cooling requirements at different times of day.

Each room can have its own temperature controller. From there, you can accurately set the desired temperature for different times of day. You can automate the temperature to reduce by one or two degrees when you leave home. And you can also control all these functions centrally from the touchscreen and on an app.

Living becomes comfortable as never before, while energy efficiency and safety increase at the same time. With elegant, intuitive control elements from Systems Intelligence, you can have all areas of your home effortlessly under control.

We have wired and wireless solutions for new builds and are supplier agnostic, so will utlise the best products and systems to meet your needs and budget.

Garry Lowe
Managing Director

Did you know studies show that dimming a light by just 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the life of the bulb. Systems Intelligence can automatically set lights to 90%, saving you money every time a light is turned on.

Garry Lowe
Managing Director

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