Home Automation

Now providing comfort AND elegant design.

In an increasingly connected world, the home is becoming more and more intelligent, helping to make an intimate environment synonymous with relaxation, one that is even more practical and comfortable

Simplifying everyday gestures by automating an ever-increasing number of actions: this is the aim of home automation, which enters our homes in a wide variety of ways.

Systems that regulate light and temperature, that cheer up our return home with our favourite music, but that also raise and lower blinds and control household appliances, in a dimension that leads us to functionality in its highest expression.

Historically this functionality has been housed in some rather uninspiring aesthetics. However, this is no longer the case. Home automation can now offer more than comfort and functionality– it can add significant aesthetic appeal and complement your new home’s architectural and interior design.

Designer on-wall switches and touch screens can enhance the sophistication of your interior design whilst commanding smart home scenes, lights, blinds, music, and more.

At Systems Intelligence, we believe a smart home should be elegant, intuitive and excel in its function and capability.

Our award-winning partners Basalte and ekinex are examples of where architectural design and technology come seamlessly together.

Book a consultation with Systems Intelligence to discover the wide range of design options available for your new home. 


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