Home Automation Trends

The Global Pandemic has changed how we think about, live and work in our homes. According to one of our major partners, Creston, here are some of the trends in Home Automation, helping us through and beyond the pandemic.

  1. Home Office – Home Conferencing

Working from home will remain an option for most people. Some of the world’s largest companies have announced they plan to keep remote work as a long-term business strategy. As a result, homeowners are more than ever preparing a home office space.

Architects and developers are designing homes with more home office space and more flexible spaces to accommodate working and learning from home.

Home automation can provide a robust, reliable home network integrated throughout the house, ensures an ability to work in every space and caters for multiple users.

  1. Video Conferencing in Living Rooms

There is no looking back. The virtual world is the new normal, and it is here for the long run. To help put this shift in perspective, Zoom’s total revenue for FY2021 was up 326% year-over-year.

Crestron, one of our home automation solutions, offers professional conferencing from the comfort of your couch. We can seamlessly integrate this into your smart home ecosystem, and it is an excellent alternative to hovering over a small laptop screen all day. You will be able to see people easier on your living room’s A/V system, and the experience is far better than using the camera, speakers, and mic built into the laptop or tablet. In addition, the audio easily enables natural conversation, as you don’t cut out and you can clearly hear everyone.

  1. Voice Control

People are relying on smart speakers for more than listening to their favourite playlist. In today’s world, you can ask Alexa or Google for the time, the weather, the news, and so much more. In a recent Forbes article, Marc Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of Dogtown Media, shared his thoughts about the future of voice technology.

“Soon, our interactions with technology will involve less typing and button-clicking and more natural forms of expression, like speaking. Voice-activated tech will be found everywhere.” 

With the right home automation, you can have voice control that is conversational and understand complex commands, such as “turn off the lights in the kitchen, turn on the TV in the living room, and lock the doors.”

  1. Health and Wellness

Last but certainly not least, a residential home automation trend that is here to stay is health and wellness. Before the pandemic, health and wellness was already at the forefront of people’s minds.

In response to the demand for wellness during the pandemic, Crestron collaborated with Delos, a global wellness pioneer based in New York. Through this collaboration, Crestron and Delos will provide “…a seamless experience that transforms the home space through intelligent scenes designed to help support immune health and reduce the transmission of airborne illnesses.”

For example, when the Delos DARWIN systems detect an air quality event, it communicates it to the Crestron Thermostat through visual and sound alerts to trigger fan speed remediation. This helps expedite air quality events in the home by moving air through the system.

At Systems Intelligence, we design your home’s automation to meet your individual needs now and into the future. As a result, living becomes comfortable as never before, while energy efficiency and safety increase simultaneously. With elegant, intuitive control elements from Systems Intelligence, you can have all areas of your home effortlessly under control.


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